Window Film

Many experts consider hurricane window film – for home, work, and automobiles – a great and cost-effective way to protect your property from hurricane damage. Fierce winds of a hurricane or tropical storm can pick up large objects with ease, and throw them like you or I might toss a tennis ball. But the difference is, that the objects carried about in devastating hurricane winds are often traveling at 120 to 175 miles per hour.
When even small objects, like limbs, landscape rock, sea shells, and planters – or larger items like patio furniture or yard decorations – get transported toward car widows or lanai doors, they can break them with relative ease. Imagine your mailbox or fence post hurtling toward your car windshield at 175 mph. Of course, regular glass will break, but even tempered glass will shatter. It’s hard to know WHERE to park your RV or truck during a storm as the whole outdoors is an active zone.
Fortunately, there are really effective new hurricane window films that can prevent all of this from happening. These passive protection products are crystal-clear sheets of high-strength plastic that adhere to the inside of your windows.  If an object strikes the glass, the glass will, in all likelihood, break. But the destruction stops at that point. The durable window film keeps the glass in place and does not allow the glass to pop out of the frame. The horizontal sheets of rain stay outdoors, and the winds are not allowed to blast the inside of your vehicle or home.
The right window films also offer other cost-savings benefits such as blocking ultraviolet rays that fade your upholstery and carpet and crack your dash. Not to mention how much easier it is to cool your car when you are not having to recover from 100+ degrees of interior built-up heat and humidity.